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Share & IRA Certificates (Term Accounts)

Effective Date: Saturday, September 30, 2023

Share & IRA Certificates (Term Accounts)

Dividend RateAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Minimum to Open*Minimum to Earn DividendsMinimum to Earn Dividends
6 month (not available for IRA)5.00%5.12%$500$500$500
1 year2.20%2.22%$500$500$500
15 Month5.25%5.38%$500$500$500
18 month2.30%2.33%$500$500$500
2 year2.40%2.43%$500$500$500
27 Month3.00%3.04%$500$500$500
3 year2.60%2.63%$500$500$500
40 Month4.00%4.07%$500$500$500
4 year2.80%2.84%$500$500$500
5 year3.00%3.04%$500$500$500
66 Month3.00%3.04%$500$500$500

For Share Certificate and IRA Certificate accounts (SC), the amount of the early withdrawal penalty will be as follows on the amount withdrawn (whether earned or not): Less than 6-month SC will result in a 3-month early withdrawal penalty (90 days); 6–18 month SC will result in a 6-month early withdrawal penalty (180 days); Any SC greater than 18 months–66 months will result in a 12-month early withdrawal penalty (365 days). 

Owner's Advantage Account (OAA) Product has been discontinued as of 10/1/2011. Anyone who currently has an OAA Share or IRA Certificate of Deposit will continue to receive the additional 0.10% rate on any renewal of the existing funds. There is no additional 0.10% rate increase on any new money that is invested in a Share or IRA Certificate of Deposit.

* Minimum Deposit to Open Account — not Minimum Balance to Maintain Account




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