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Fredrick Sawyer elected to Maine Savings Federal Credit Union Board of Directors


January 24, 2022 – Maine Savings Federal Credit Union is proud to announce the appointment of Fredrick "Birdie" Sawyer to the Maine Savings Board of Directors. Fredrick will be filling a vacancy left by Vivian Gresser who retired from the board at the end of 2021 after 25 of years of combined service between her time on the Supervisory Committee beginning in 1996 and her time on the Board of Directors from 2003 onward.


Having worked at the University of Maine as a Reserve Police Officer and at the School of Performing Arts as their Facility Manager, Fredrick brings to the table a number of very unique backgrounds and is excited to be a part of the Maine Savings Board.


"I enjoy learning new things, building relationships with others in the community, and being a part of a team,” said Sawyer. “I constantly try to find ways to work on my personal growth, so when the opportunity to be considered for a Board of Directors position for Maine Savings was presented to me, I was extremely interested. I've lived in several different parts of the country and I've toured the world with the Young Americans performing arts group so I'm hoping I can contribute a unique and diverse perspective while being a Board member."


Maine Savings President and Chief Operations Officer, Vanessa Madore is also excited to have Sawyer appointed to the Board.  "We are grateful to have Fredrick join our volunteer Board of Directors," said Madore. "He embodies our values of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. His passion for learning, his commitment to his community, his unique and diverse perspective and experiences will benefit Maine Savings members while complementing the skills and talents of our existing board of directors."