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Scam Alert: Home Warranty Letter


Have you seen this "Final Notice" letter?

These letters are not only deceptive, they could be targeting your personal information.

We were first contacted by a concerned member who received this letter and was confused about whether or not the letter came from Maine Savings, or if it was a scam. This letter is not from Maine Savings, and is in no way endorsed by Maine Savings.

We are unclear about the intentions of this letter, but we do ask that you do not respond, as there is a chance that it could put your personal information at risk.

What happens if I respond to the letter?

By calling the number, you could get a real person or an automated response. Regardless, make sure you DO NOT give your personal information. Doing so could cause unwanted consequences including identify theft. If you are interested in a home warranty, reach out to a reputable company or your mortgage provider to discuss your options.

How did they get my information?

Maine Savings does not sell your information. Some information surrounding a purchase of a home becomes public record. These public files are used by companies to find recent home buyers. Be cautious when replying to any offer from a company that you have not researched.

What should I do if I get this letter?

We advise you to discard the letter and not respond. If you are unsure if a letter or form of marketing is from Maine Savings, you can always contact our Member Service Center HERE.