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Volunteer Officials

Headshot of Don Grant

Don Grant


Headshot of Kelly Karter

Kelly Karter

Vice Chair

Headshot of David Bridgham

David Bridgham


Headshot of Vivian Gresser

Vivian Gresser


Headshot of Joe Young

Joe Young

Director and Supervisory Committee Chair

Headshot of Ken White

Ken White

Supervisory Committee Member

Headshot of Kevin Whalen

Kevin Whalen

Supervisory Committee Member

Senior Management

Headshot of John Reed

John Reed

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Vanessa Madore

Vanessa Madore

President and Chief Operating Officer

Headshot of Robert Carmichael

Robert Carmichael

Chief Strategy Officer

Headshot of David Sayers

David Sayers

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Marcel Blais

Marcel Blais

Chief Retail Officer

Headshot of Rick Moore

Rick Moore

Vice President of Lending