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How to Join Maine Savings

How Does This Credit Union Business Work?

Joining a credit union is a lot like becoming a customer at a bank. But there is a big difference—when you join a credit union, you become not just a member, but an owner. The credit union's members are its only owners. That's how a credit union is typically able to offer rates and services that are better than that of most banks.

Ok, So How Do I Start?

Your first step is to buy a $5 "share" of Maine Savings by depositing $5 into a share account. As long as you have at least $5 in that account, you are a member owner. If you decide to leave membership some day, you'll even get your $5 back!

You can also join with a joint two-person or three-person membership. If you do that, it's still $5 per member, so your account would have to maintain a balance of $10 or $15, respectively.

Am I Eligible?

Now, before you can make that $5 deposit, you must be eligible for membership. Most likely you are eligible because of where you work, where you live, or your relationship to another member.

As you get started in the online membership application, the first thing you'll be asked is how you are eligible. Just check off any of the criteria that apply and you'll be on your way.

If you don't meet any of the eligibility options, don't give up! Give us a call at 800.273.6700 or stop in to one of our branches. We are constantly working to add employer groups, towns, and other organizations to our list.

Do I Have to Use the Online Application?

No. In fact, we'd love to see you come in to one of our branches! But we also know that you might be too busy to make it in, so we want you to have the online option, too.

So Once I'm a Member, Then What?

Finally, once you become a member, you can pick and choose from all of the great products at Maine Savings, like our RedWallet checking, auto loans, home finance, and more!

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