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April Is Youth AND Young Adult Month at Maine Savings!

Earn a $10 Match!


If you are 25 or younger and don't already have an account, open one and we'll match your first deposit up to $10. 

See branch for details. 

Already Have an Account? 

  • If you are 25 or younger and make a deposit of $5 or more to your savings account during April, we'll enter you for a chance to win a weekly drawing of $100! (Yes, you can enter each week!)
  • Money Jar Contest. Guess closest to the amount in the jar at your local branch. The youth member with the closest guess will receive the total amount in the jar deposited into their account in May.

April Is National Credit Union Youth Month

Set a Goal and Track Your Savings

  1. What are you saving for? Picture your goal…a video game, an iPad, tickets to a concert, really cool shoes, a laptop, or some scrapbooking supplies.
  2. How much do you need? Find out the price of your goal—check a local store or online. This is how much you’ll need.
  3. Enter your savings and watch your progress. See who reaches the goal first.
  4. Keep your savings safe at the credit union.

Savings Tips for Everyone

  • Set reasonable goals.
  • Save first, not last. As soon as you get your paycheck, your birthday money, or your allowance, put part of it away in savings.
  • Track your spending and your savings. People who track their spending soon find they spend less and save more
  • Be a bargain hunter. When you do spend money, make sure you check for the best bargain. Watch the price tags, not the brand names at the store.
  • Ask questions! If you have questions about money or saving, ask the professionals at the credit union. They’re ready to help you.